Native and Cross-Platform App Development

We build your next bestseller app based on modern mobile frameworks and development best practices.

Cross-Platform App Development

To maximize productivity and reduce time to market, modern app development uses frameworks that allow deployment on both, Android and iOS devices from a common code base. Xamarin and React Native are popular choices in this context, facilitating app development using C# and JavaScript to combine modern design with efficient, high-performance coding.

Our team is well-versed in Xamarin and React Native development, including the cutting-edge MAUI framework for GUI development, interfacing with cloud-based services and the handling of multimedia content. This combination of skills allows us to deliver robust, cross-platform applications that meet diverse business needs while ensuring a seamless user experience.

Even when using a common code base for development, careful consideration of the specifics of individual platforms is required to ensure a seamless and native experience for users of both platforms. This concerns not only the user interface, but also aspects like deployment in app stores and payment and subscription options.

Our team is experienced in designing and developing a user interface that is both consistent across platforms and ideally leverages the functions of the development framework, but also respects the specifics of iOS and Android.

Native App Development

Despite the abilities of modern cross-platform frameworks, native development for iOS and Android remains crucial in the mobile app industry. For maintaining and enhancing existing applications, expertise in native programming is essential. Developing new apps natively can fully leverage a platform’s capabilities, not only yielding the potential to enhance performance but also optimizing user interface elements. Native frameworks often offer early access to the latest features, ensuring apps stay at the cutting edge.

Our team is proficient in Swift for iOS development and in both Java and Kotlin for Android development, ensuring top-quality applications across both platforms.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are paramount in today’s IT landscape, necessitating robust protections for data both in transit and at rest. Compliance with privacy regulations is critical when collecting and analyzing app usage data during user interactions.

Our team highly values the privacy of individual users and is proficient in deploying privacy-compliant methods for data collection. We employ cutting-edge techniques to ensure the security of data transmission and storage. This comprehensive approach guarantees that our solutions meet the stringent requirements for data protection in modern app development at any point in time.

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How do we build your product?

We can support in every phase of product development. To enhance productivity and accelerate time to market, we typically employ a proven, systematic approach to collaboratively build the product with you.


Concept and Ideation

Define the core idea, identify the problem we are solving, the target audience, and the essential differentiating features.


Feasibility Study

Assess the technical feasibility and market viability of the product through preliminary research and analysis.


Planning and Design

Outline the scope of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) focusing on essential features only, and plan the project timeline, budget, and resources. Design initial wireframes or mockups.


Development of an MVP

Develop the MVP using rapid development cycles with continuous integration and testing, focusing on creating a functional prototype.


Testing and Iteration

Test the MVP internally and with users to gather feedback, and iteratively refine the product based on this feedback.



Officially launch the MVP to a broader audience, including marketing and user support preparations.


Evaluation and Scaling

Analyze the performance of the MVP against objectives, and scale the product by adding features and expanding the market reach if the MVP is successful.

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With extensive expertise in audio processing, machine learning, and software development, we are the ideal partner for implementing audio and AI projects.


We use modern development tools and project management procedures to maximize productivity while retaining the highest quality outcomes for your product.


We are tech enthusiasts, innovators and we live music. We’re driven to revolutionize your product by harnessing the latest in AI advancements.


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PhonicScore is the CultTech company from Vienna, Austria, the city of music, focusing on Music and Education. Since 2012 we are developing mobile apps, software libraries, plugins and AI solutions.

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