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We develop your AI solution. With expertise in advanced spectral analysis, audio processing algorithms, and modern AI techniques, our team tailors custom designs blending traditional signal processing with AI.

Our Areas of Expertise

To support your endeavors, our team can support with a wide array of AI-related tasks, including but not limited to the following areas.

Custom Audio AI Pipelines

Deploying Machine Learning (ML) models is a multi-staged process that requires careful planning at each step. Training data acquisition or generation is a first step to successful ML deployment and has to be thoroughly planned to maximize data utility.

Automatic Music Transcription (AMT)

Recent advancements in deep learning research have significantly enhanced the capability to detect note events in recorded audio and perform polyphonic pitch detection.

Music Structure Analysis

Music inherently possesses structural components and typically follows organizational principles like thematic segments, repetitions and variations. Music structure analysis aims to identify contiguous non-overlapping segments in music that depict its underlying structure.

Generation of Singing Voices

The field of Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, while historically providing functional outcomes for a considerable time, has seen a significant leap in quality with the recent surge in AI advancements.

Music Source Separation

The task of extracting individual audio components from a mixed track, known as Music Source Separation, presents a surprisingly complex challenge given the ease with which audio signals from different sources can be combined into a single track.

Optical Music Recognition (OMR)

Even in modern times, traditional paper-based sheet music continues to be widely used. While in many cases this is useful for instrument playing, the shift towards digitalization is becoming increasingly necessary for analysis techniques, for enhancing musical education or for applications involving generative AI models.

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Let’s Create Together

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How do we build your product?

We can support in every phase of product development. To enhance productivity and accelerate time to market, we typically employ a proven, systematic approach to collaboratively build the product with you.


Concept and Ideation

Define the core idea, identify the problem we are solving, the target audience, and the essential differentiating features.


Feasibility Study

Assess the technical feasibility and market viability of the product through preliminary research and analysis.


Planning and Design

Outline the scope of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) focusing on essential features only, and plan the project timeline, budget, and resources. Design initial wireframes or mockups.


Development of an MVP

Develop the MVP using rapid development cycles with continuous integration and testing, focusing on creating a functional prototype.


Testing and Iteration

Test the MVP internally and with users to gather feedback, and iteratively refine the product based on this feedback.



Officially launch the MVP to a broader audience, including marketing and user support preparations.


Evaluation and Scaling

Analyze the performance of the MVP against objectives, and scale the product by adding features and expanding the market reach if the MVP is successful.

Why Choose Us

Discover the reasons that set us apart.


With extensive expertise in audio processing, machine learning, and software development, we are the ideal partner for implementing audio and AI projects.


We use modern development tools and project management procedures to maximize productivity while retaining the highest quality outcomes for your product.


We are tech enthusiasts, innovators and we live music. We’re driven to revolutionize your product by harnessing the latest in AI advancements.


Years of Deep Tech experience


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3 Countries

Our team is based in Austria, India and the USA

Why use AI?

Enhanced Audio Quality

AI algorithms can automatically improve audio clarity, reduce noise, and optimize sound quality. This is particularly useful in environments with variable acoustic conditions, enabling consistent audio quality across different scenarios.


AI algorithms can adapt audio content to the preferences of individual users. For instance, streaming services use AI to recommend music based on listening habits. In software interfaces, AI can adjust the audio dynamics to suit user-specific hearing profiles.

Cost Efficiency and Scalability

Automating various audio processing tasks with AI reduces the need for manual intervention, lowering costs and improving efficiency. AI systems can scale more easily than human-based systems, managing large-scale audio processing tasks without a proportional increase in resource investment.

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Our Story

PhonicScore is the CultTech company from Vienna, Austria, the city of music, focusing on Music and Education. Since 2012 we are developing mobile apps, software libraries, plugins and AI solutions.

Let’s Create Together

Connect with us to explore how we can make your vision a reality. Join us in shaping the future.

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