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We provide specialized B2B and consulting services to make your project on audio, AI or music processing a commercial success. Our comprehensive experience with modern tooling and deployment strategies allows paramount results even in resource-constrained environments like mobile devices.

AI Development

Our team is highly skilled in the design of systems for advanced spectral analysis and audio processing algorithms, and has a deep understanding of modern AI techniques. This expertise allows us to select and deploy the ideal method for each application, create custom algorithm designs that blend traditional signal processing with artificial intelligence, and perform efficient data mining on audio datasets.

Mobile App Development

Learn about our mobile software development services, encompassing efficient app creation using Xamarin and React Native. Besides our proficiency in those frameworks’ typical languages, our team excels in leveraging modern C/C++ for high-speed processing and signal processing tailored for mobile constraints. This multi-disciplinary proficiency enables us to meet diverse business needs and deliver robust, secure and user-friendly mobile applications across devices.

Audio Processing

Sheet music processing, facilitated by MusicXML and our OpenSheetMusicDisplay (OSMD) tool, is crucial in music education and synthetic generation. Our proficiency with MIDI enriches our capability to handle complex tasks, and our skills in processing both monophonic and polyphonic instrumental audio recordings, establish us as a reliable entity in music technology. This expertise enables us to deliver tailored solutions that enhance musical experiences in applications with various needs.

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With extensive expertise in audio processing, machine learning, and software development, we are the ideal partner for implementing audio and AI projects.


We use modern development tools and project management procedures to maximize productivity while retaining the highest quality outcomes for your product.


We are tech enthusiasts, innovators and we live music. We’re driven to revolutionize your product by harnessing the latest in AI advancements.


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Our team is based in Austria, India and the USA

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