The MusicTech Company from Vienna

We create solutions for musicians, sheet music publishers, app developers, music stores and researchers.

Practice Bird on 3 iPads mini

Deep Tech

Our flagship apps feature unique, proprietary and advanced music technology. ‘Instant Pitch Monitoring’ (IPM) visually provides real-time intonation and rhythm feedback. ‘Auto Page Turning’ (APT) lets you turn sheet music pages hands free. Our built-in smart repetition system will make you smile. See for yourself.

Embracing Music XML

We are developing interactive sheet music apps since 2012. Our apps fully support MusicXML (.xml or .mxl file ending), the de-facto open source standard format for exchanging sheet music.

Open System

All our apps follow the “open system” approach: you can import any MusicXML sheet music file you own or you can instantly get sheet music from integrated platforms like

Built inhouse

Our technology is 100% built by our highly talented team. With many years of experience in developing music technology we strongly believe in our skills to deliver the best results possible.

Our Products