Welcome to the PhonicScore FAQ section covering all questions related to our PhonicScore lite and PhonicScore lite+ app for iOS iPad and Android.

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Does PhonicScore display Chord Symbols? Are they transposed?

Yes, PhonicScore Apps (Windows 8 excluded) display chord symbols. If you transpose a sheet, chord symbols are transposed as well.

How can I add my own digital sheet music to PhonicScore?

Yes, you can add your own sheet music. The best thing is, adding your own digital sheet music to the PhonicScore app is really easy!

There are two ways of adding sheet music. You can  add sheet music directly from website or add sheet music via Dropbox.

A: Add sheet music directly from websites

  1. Open the PhonicScore app and click the “+” sign (“Add sheet” button) on the top right side
  2. Tap “Download sheet music” on the pop up dialog
  3. The website Musicxml.com opens in a separate browser window
  4. Click on any of the listed website URLs
  5. On every website you will find downloadable MusicXML files: click on the sheet music you wish to add to PhonicScore, tap on “Download” and select “MusicXML” from the context menu
  6. Next you are asked to open the file: tap on “Open in PhonicScore”

That’s it! You successfully added sheet music to your PhonicScore library.

B: Add sheet music via your Dropbox

  1. Add sheet music to your Dropbox and sync with your Dropbox mobile app
  2. Open your Dropbox mobile app and click the “Share” button on the top right side (the square with the arrow pointing up)
  3. Select “Open in…”
  4. Choose “PhonicScore” from the apps suggested by the context menu

That’s it! You successfully added sheet music to your PhonicScore library.

Here is a quick video tutorial:

Can I print music sheets opened by PhonicScore?

No, at this point of time you only can display music scores. Printing is not possible.

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Can I change the clef?

Yes, PhonicScore allows to change the clef. Simply tap on the clef you wish to change and select another clef from the pop up menu. Notes will be displayed accordingly.

This tutorial video should make it clear how the clef chooser works: